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full time operate - Mega Air Read more 7.11.2022

Screw compressors designed for non-stop operation

Screw compressors designed for non-stop operation combine the advantages of a compact screw compressor with low installation and operating costs and excellent performance, especially in applications that require continuous operation. All functions are controlled via a user-friendly electronic controller. Smaller floor dimensions and an easy installation help solve space problems. The cost savings are tremendous.

compression technology two stage - Mega Air Read more 4.10.2022

Two-stage compression technology

The two-stage compressor design reduces the load on each stage of the compressor, leading to significant energy savings, ranging from 15 % to 30 %. Frequency speed control technology further reduces the energy consumption and operating costs of your plant.

direktgetriebene kompressor - Mega Air Read more 19.1.2022

Why does an inverter compressor save energy?

The main feature of variable displacement compressors with inverters is the saving of electrical energy. While a traditional compressor has a 0-100% flow rate regulation, at load (where it absorbs 100% of the power) and at vacuum (where it absorbs 30% of the power) where the absorption is given by the average working in these two phases, in a variable flow compressor the power absorption is proportional to the revolutions of the electric motor.

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