Two-stage compression technology

The two-stage compressor design reduces the load on each stage of the compressor, leading to significant energy savings, ranging from 15 % to 30 %. Frequency speed control technology further reduces the energy consumption and operating costs of your plant.

two stage compression technology

Properties of a two-stage screw element

The robust design of the two-stage screw element is a guarantee for a high-tech product and reliable operation.

The screw element has many advantages:

• reduced compression ratio of each compression stage,
• two-stage air design for high flow rate and low energy consumption,
• low differential pressures,
• low thermal load,
• motor with direct drive of the screw element operating at low speed,
• low energy consumption at partial load,
• constant system pressure reduces system pressure fluctuations and general air needs,
• low speeds of male rotors increase performance and reliability,
• reduced energy consumption reduces the carbon footprint and saves costs,
• 5/6 rotor profile creates optimal performance and at the same time reduces energy consumption,
• direct flow inlet valve provides reliable performance control,
• built-in SKF bearings for durability and reliability,
• very small deviations ensure maximum efficiency.

Advantages of two-stage compression technology

Two-stage compression technology has many advantages over classic one-stage compression; isothermal compression, lower compression ratio, higher air flow, higher energy savings, better cooling, stability and reliability of operation, longer service life, etc.

advantages two stage compression


– fan speed frequency control,
– compact design,
– low noise level,
– high capacity for optimised cooling,
– low energy consumption.

– fully enclosed housing, low noise level,
– separate lubrication system, sealing and lubrication for screw elements and bearings,
– separate air filter and motor cooling inlet,
– separate cabinet for converter and starter,
– the pressure joints of steel pipes are used to prevent leakage and premature ageing, which is often observed in flexible pipes,
– reduced losses due to friction of the pipe.

The low speed of the large rotor effectively reduces vibration and noise. Compressor start-up is quiet and operates without frequent load and unload cycles, as is not the case with conventional screw compressors.

The air flow control plate in the separator changes the flow direction. Due to the cross-flow, small oil particles combine into larger ones, which are easier to separate from the air flow.
The generously dimensioned separator tank (30 % excess) improves the cyclone effect, which improves the process of separating oil from the air: high efficiency, oil carryover lower than 3 ppm, and high-efficiency oil filter reliably removes impurities.
Due to the optimal design of the separator, the pressure loss in the system is lower than 0,2 bar.
The rotating lid of the separator tank enables for convenient maintenance and shortens maintenance time.

– combined oil and final cooler,
– easy access for maintenance purposes,
– surface corrosion protection,
– 20 % larger cooler area than required,
– optionally end cooler.

The dual air filter designed is suitable for dusty enviroments and ensures safe operation of the compressor.
The surface of the filter is well designed and provides good filtration.
The filtration rate reaches 99,5 %, which means exceptional protection of the screw element.


Pay only for air that you consume

Significant energy savings can be achieved by controlling constant pressure, as the system responds even when the pressure deviates only ±0,1 bar.
The frequency converter provides a quick response to pressure changes and monitors pressure changes within the range of 0,1 bar. It thus precisely adjusts the power required to produce compressed air, stabilises the pressure in the pipe network, and provides the actual amount of air required according to current production needs.

compressed air consumption


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