PP series

PP pro paint system is specifically designed for purifying compressed air from solid, liquid and partially gaseous components. Protecting air equipment in addition to providing clean air for worker health protection. PP pro paint system is easy for wall mount. Available modular combinations: 1. Compressed air for lower quality demands (down to 15 μm), 2. Compressed air for basic quality demands (down to 0,1 μm), 3. Compressed air for high quality demands (down to 0,01 μm), 4. Technical absolutely clean air (down to 0,1 μm, activated carbon), 5. Technical and breathable air, 6. Compressed air for highest demands (all in one unit).

PP Painting filtration system


operating pressure 16 bar
volume flow rate 78 to 235 Nm³/h
connections ½``
operating temperature range  
 1,5 to 65 °C


• chemical
• petrochemical
• paint
• general industrial applications
• breathing air

Technical data

painting air filtration sys


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