OMD ES series

OMD ES energy saving dryers combine excellent performance with reduced energy consumption. Reduced energy consumption compared to standard range is achieved by thermal mass at smaller sizes and by variable speed compressor at larger sizes. The highly efficient and ultra compact heat exchanger is able to operate effectively in ambient temperatures up to 45 °C and inlet temperatures of 55 °C, ensuring a reduced compressed air pressure drop. The OMD ES series has been designed and built to expedite inspection and maintenance operations. The easily removed panels offer immediate access to the operating components of the unit.

OMD ES refrigerated dryer


 operating pressure up to 14 bar
 max. ambient temp. 45 °C
 pressure dew points   
 flow rate 21 to 8800 Nm3/h 
 max. inlet air temp. 70 °C


• compressed air systems
• sized to match standard compressor outputs

Technical data

technical data OMD ES


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