RDF - Refrigeration compressed air dryers with filters

RDF dryer series utilizes a natural evolution of the RDP series. Drying is achieved on the principle of cooling which takes place inside highly efficient and ultra-compact 3 stage heat exchanger. Product is designed with focus on essential components. Its compact size, optimized layout and innovative solutions reduce manufacturing costs whilst maintaining the same levels of reliability, quality and attention to details. RDF dryer series is designed and manufactured with respect to the environment using recyclable materials.

drucklufttrockner mit filter


 operating pressure 14 bar
 inlet air temperature range 1,545 °C
 pressure dew points   
 flow rate 20 to 235 Nm3/h 

- pre-filter with automatic drain AOK 16B and manometer PDI 16 (RDF 20-235),
- after-filter with manual drain AOK 16B and manometer PDI 16 (RDF 20-235).


• compressed air systems

Technical data

drucklufttrockner mit filter


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