MA BSIL 0-500

Belt driven professional silent piston compressors are made to solve the problem of noise at the working place. The noise level of our range of compressors is between 63-65 dB.

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The machine is enclosed in a sound proof cabinet with special sound absorbing panels. There is also a high care for a good ventilation using special intake silencers. Forced ventilation allows better cooling of the machine’s internal parts; DS serie with delta start has also thermostatic cooling fan.

Easy maintenance: a front panel opens up widely, to provide easy access and maintenance of all internal components. The oil level is clearly visible and topping up is easy thanks to the convenient position of the pump. Belt tensioner skid allows adjustment of the tension of the belt and its replacement.

The control panel is located on the cabinet for comfortable reading. It includes all necessary instrumentation for machine operation. DS serie with delta start has an electronic switchboard with warning lights for any faults.

This range of compressors are a combination of high quality material and maximum care in assembly of the machine, that ensures every customer an excellent performance and its long life.
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