MA SD 2-3

Direct driven compressor optional with vessel

screw compressor ma sd 2 3
MA SD series as a matter of fact is a compact and extremely performing integrated system: all the advantages of an industrial compressor in just a small amount of space.

MA SD series compressors are made up of a state-of-the-art pumping air-end, the most compact in the field, integrating the main components of a screw compressor (air-end, separator tank, screw compressor ma sd componentsthermostatic and minimum pressure valve, intake valve) and being ground-breaking in the choice of materials: a steel core in an aluminium case.

Thanks to the electronic control unit, it entwines the need for reliability, efficiency and the typical functionalities of the greatest screw compressors.
Thanks to the exclusive Heating System, it is also designed to run  discontinuously
• Direct-driven
• Direct start with loading/idling cycle
• Floor-standing with tank from 100 l to 150 l, Air Trolley
• Air release from 240 to 350 l/min at 10 bar
• Anti-condensation system

MA SD compressor are for all types of uses and are ideal solution for all the applications that include the use of compressed air at the lowest noise level, compactness, maximum efficiency and limited
operating costs.

Technical data

screw compressor ma sd 2 3 Tech spec


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