Direct driven piston compressors

Compressors use one or more belts with a belt drive from the engine to a compressor pump. The speed of rotation of the compressor pump is thus always lower than the engine speed, which ensures a quieter operation, longer service life and better compressor characteristics. In comparison with direct-driven compressors, these compressors are equipped with additional compressor air coolers in addition to the large compressor heads with cooling ribs, which enables even greater efficiency of the compressor. Belt Power Compressors are one or two-stage and have a single or three-phase motor with overheating protection and auto-restart. The cylinders are made of cast iron, and stainless steel valves allow for greater air supply. The compressors are fitted with a dynamically balanced cast iron barrier. Compressors also have a larger oil tank, which provides better lubrication.

direct driven compressors

Technical data

technical data direct drive


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