Direct driven MA SD 18-55 VS

Direct driven variable speed compressor

screw compressor ma sd 18
The MA SD VS series comprises a range of compressors at variable speed with an inverter.
They are designed to optimize energy consumption when running at intervals. Direct-driven with an innovative separator tank device and the use of energy efficient motors, the MA SD compressors offer remarkable advantages in terms of user-friendliness, reliability, high energy savings, low noise levels and reduced maintenance costs.

The MA SD series, installed in systems with discontinuous air consumption, ensures reduction of energy costs as it is able to adjust the speed of the electric motor revolutions and accordingly the speed of the air-end based on the company consumption of compressed air keeping constant the running pressure of the plant.
This operation mode saves energy by establishing an ideal balance between energy consumption and compressed air release.

Compressors with inverter technology, controlling speed, are capable of adjusting the release of compressed air to the real consumption.
The electronic controller monitors and controls the electric motor and air-end speed, adjusting the airflow rate release, keeping steady the pressure in the plant.

Technical data

MA SD 18 55


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