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Air basic 2 control unit

This electronic control unit is easy to use and allows the compressor to be fully managed. Controlled elements include, the star-delta motor, the rotation direction, the ON OFF operation with automatic discharge of pressure when the machine is stopped, all remote controls, all protection and warning alarms, in addition to a complete series of messages connected with ordinary maintenance.

Enduro® plus screw airend

At Gardner Denver, we pay the utmost attention to the manufacturing of our screw airends, and we test and monitor every single item that we make. Representing the core of all our ENDURO® PLUS airends, rotors are accurately and thoroughly checked and measured by a computerised control system.

Up to 45°C ambient temperature

Proper sizing of the ventilation system and combined radiator ensure optimum cooling of the air/oil blend and output compressed air – at a temperature that is only 8 / 10 °C higher than ambient temperature.

Suction valve

Improved fluid-mechanical efficiency is ensured by a new vertical design suction valve. Intake-air flows through a straight-line path, which guarantees lower load loss. ON/OFF operation and unloading is controlled via a solenoid valve. This valve concept has been specially designed to keep the number of components down to a minimum, so as to ensure long-lasting durability and low maintenance requirements.

Air/Oil separation

Increased reliability combined with reduced piping & connections is made possible by an integrated block acting as air/oil separator and filter. It is so efficient that it keeps residual oil down to extremely low levels (MAX 3ppm). Housed in this block are an oil filter, an air/oil separator filter, a minimum pressure valve and a safety valve.

Noise Levels

Appropriate canalisation of the air flow provides minimum sound (noise levels at 64 db) for the benefit of the environment and machine operators. It also ensures optimised cooling.

Reduced maintenance costs

The panel structure provides easy access from all sides. All the components which need periodical maintenance – air cartridge, oil cartridge, air/oil separator, belts, oil fill and drain – can be reached from a single side.

Tachnical data

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