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BDK configurations represent different applications of the compressors, to provide an integrated station for the generation and treatment of compressed air. Configurations have been specially designed to ensure that they are all fully modular. You can start off with an individual compressor, and then expand your station by simply adding the accessory you need. Dryers achieve excellent performance even in instances of high ambient and high inlet temperatures. The Highly efficient and ultra compact heat exchanger is able to operate effectively in ambient temperatures up to 45°C and inlet temperatures of 55°C, ensuring a reduced compressed air pressure drop.


A number of optional applications complementing the XBDK version are available for this range of compressor to ensure your integrated plant is fully functional.
More specifically:
KIT Filters. compressors can be complemented with a kit of filters, ensuring that the air is treated upstream from its input into the system, thus reducing the chance of condensate to build up inside the network. These filters are supplied complete with automatic condensate drain traps.
Automatic Drains. Another optional extra is the automatic condensate drain trap for tanks. Once installed and programmed, this drain trap will periodically remove any condensate that may have built up inside the tank.
Anti Dust Panel. To protect compressors operating in dusty environments or poor environmental conditions, KSA/KSV compressors can be equipped with a dust panel that ensures good filtration of the intake cooling air.

Air basic 2 control unit

This electronic control unit is easy to use and allows the compressor to be fully managed. Controlled elements include, the star-delta motor, the rotation direction, the ON OFF operation with automatic discharge of pressure when the machine is stopped, all remote controls, all protection and warning alarms, in addition to a complete series of messages connected with ordinary maintenance.

Suction valve

Improved fluid-mechanical efficiency is ensured by a new vertical design suction valve. Intake-air flows through a straight-line path, which guarantees lower load loss. ON/OFF operation and unloading is controlled via a solenoid valve. This valve concept has been specially designed to keep the number of components down to a minimum, so as to ensure long-lasting durability and low maintenance requirements.

Air/Oil separation

Increased reliability combined with reduced piping & connections is made possible by an integrated block acting as air/oil separator and filter. It is so efficient that it keeps residual oil down to extremely low levels (MA X 3ppm). Housed in this block are an oil filter, an air/oil separator filter, a minimum pressure valve and a safety valve.

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Technical data

amk 2 22 technical data


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