Maintenance units

Pressure regulators regulate the system pressure (p1) in a compressed air system to the working pressure (p2) and keep this pressure, regardless of pressure fluctuations and air consumption, largely constant. The excess pressure valve (secondary venting) allows a reduction of the secondary pressure (p2) (= exhaust) without air extraction. At the same time, compressed air escapes into the atmosphere when the pressure on the secondary side exceeds the set value.

Air lubricators are used for metered enrichment of compressed air with finely atomized oil mist. A control valve causes the proportional
flow rate of added oil. Air lubricator in straight way pattern. Multigrade oiler with a proportional characteristic. Refilling oil while under pressure is possible.

Filters for compressed air and pressure regulators combined in one piece of equipment in a modular design to save space. The cleansed compressed air is kept at constant pressure regardless of pressure fluctuations in the system or of air consumption. Secondary air exhaust (relieving) and almost complete independence of primary pressure.
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