MAQ Oils for Vacuum pumps

oil for vacuum pumps
Paraffinic base mineral oils are suitable for the majority of vacuum pump applications in industry and science. Unlike motor oil that contains many additives, vacuum pump oil additives are limited to corrosion resistance, anti-oxidation and perhaps foaming.

In vacuum pumps the functions of the oil are:
• Sealing
• Lubrication
• Cooling
• Corrosion protection
• Flushing contaminants
• Noise reduction

The requirements for vacuum pump oils are:
• Sufficiently low vapour pressure
• Correct viscosity
• Adequate lubrication properties
• Chemically suitable for the materials being pumped
• Chemically stable at pump working temperature, and
• Not hazardous to health

Technical data:
• Viscosity at 40 °C: 91,2 cSt
• Viscosity at 100 °C: 10,4 cSt
• Density at 15 °C: 0,888 kg/l
• Point of ignition - open: 245 °C
• Point of depression: -24 °C

Technical data

maq oil vacuum


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