OS 130

OS 130 is a new generation laser particle counter optimized for applications in compressed air or compressed gases. With quality in mind and with the knowledge of customers needs this instrument is designed for continuous operation 24 hours, 7 days a week. Depending on the selected model there is sensitivity available from 0.1 μm up to 5.0 μm. OS 130 can fulfill the requirements stipulated in the compressed air standard ISO 8573-4. The measurement values represent the particle counts per ft³, l or m³ or alternatively in μg/m³. Settings can be done through the integrated display, an external display or through the service software.

Laser particle counter OS130


measuring gas temperature
0 to 40 °C
system pressureto 8 bar


• General compressed air systems
• Medical air
• Pharmaceuticals
• Breathable air
• Marine air
• Food and beverage
• Medical engineering
• High speed trains
• Semiconductor fabs
• Conveyance of hygroscopic food
• High tech processes
• Electronics industry

Technical data

laser particle counter 130


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