Adsorbents bottles
Sorbeo type adsorbents are highly porous materials suitable for use in many adsorption applications. Adsorbents are available in several pack sizes.
For detail specification please refer to technical datasheet of specific adsorbent.

SORBEO MS 3a - Molecular sieve

Adsorbent SORBEO MS3 is a highly porous, crystalline alumino silicate in beaded form. The pore openings in the crystals have a diameter of approximately 3 Å. Adsorbent has been specially designated for drying of ethylene in cracked gas units. Also, propylene, butadiene and other unsaturated hydrocarbons are dried using this molecular sieve. Adsorbent is also used in drying of gases containing H2S and CO2 where COS formation has to be minimized.

sorbeo description


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